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R.E.I has formed from years of learning the rigging trade and training in the show business.


It has developed to make your production come to life with action, to add that level of awesomeness.  


With a growing media & film industry, the level of viewer satisfaction is continually being raised.  


With the services of REI we can help you stand out from among the rest. 


With our selected team of professionals we can offer talented actors, performers, riggers, safety supervisors, stunt coordinators, video editors, and more.


We also have equipment packages to suit small to medium scale jobs.


We can provide: 

• Arial awareness training 

• Stage combat training

• Human fire burns

• Manual lift flying rigs

• Manual / Air ram decel rigs

• Foot ramp

• Air rams rigs

• Winch traveling rigs (max. jog pace)

• Camera operator rigs

• Safety rigging

• Theater / Props rigging

• Marine rigging

• Sign Erection

• Custom fabrications

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