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Stunt Training is necessary for all performers to maintain and update there skills.


Training drills and body conditioning is an important part of what we do in order to prepare for what may be required to do on set for a up comming film.


The various skills to which we train, but not limited to; involve group fitness, fight scenes, break falls, weapon use, tumbling, tricking / parkcore, fire burns, high falls, stair falls, flying rigs, air ram and ratchet rigs, vehicle impacts, precision stunt driving, set etiquette & other specialty skills. 


'A stunt is action that requires extraordinary skill / endure discomfort as part of the performance'.


We aim to 'sell' the action as believable as possible in the safest way possible.


Local stunties get together on a weekly basis to practice basic stunts along with developing there own action to showcase. 


If you would like to get involved please contact us. 


If you have an extraordinary skill you would like to teach let us know.


For more information on how to become a Stunt Action Provisional (SAP) in Australia visit:








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